Oh, I hope I haven’t been dropped from the Vegan Mofo list. I am so sorry for my absence. I had a medical emergency last Thursday (it was all very exciting with being rushed to the ER and all) and I was put on some heavy duty meds that have made me very sluggish and nauseated. This has meant I haven’t been doing much food prep. Remember how I was talking about making extra servings of all our meals and freezing them? These sorts of weeks are why I do that. So the family can remain fed even if I cannot do real cooking. I will say that over the weekend my  husband took over dinner prep in a very excellent way. He made roasted vegetables on polenta, and french bread pizza. (The other nights he reheated leftovers). Everything has gone smoothly. And while I’m still not 100% (and we’re still waiting on test results to find out what’s going on with my innards), I am on lower doses of the accursed meds (which are actually doing what they’re supposed to) and wanna start cooking dinner again, at least; if not in my usual elaborate manner.

So, last night I pulled out the rest of the seitan “roast” I’d made last week and shaved it nice and thin with my cheap-y mandolin slicer. I caramelized some onions in a skillet with some olive oil, added a few spicy pickled peppers and the seitan, and fried it all around for a few minutes to get it nice and hot and crispy around the edges. Then I added some generous sprinkles of Daiya (Italian-style), turned the heat off the skillet, covered it, and let it rest for five minutes to let the “cheese” really melt. In the meanwhile I split a couple of soft Italian rolls and spread one side with garlick’d Vegenaise and the other with a sweet barbecue sauce. Once the “cheese” was all melty, I scooped generous helpings of the “steak” mixture into the prepared rolls, and served them steaming hot.

Drool-worthy Vegan Cheese Steak Subs

Not pictured are the oven-roasted  root veg’ sticks I made. I chopped some carrots, parsnips, potatoes and turnips into thin french-fry shapes, tossed em in oil, salt and pepper and roasted ’em at 425 F, stirring now and then, for about 30 minutes. I feel terribly guilty if my kids don’t get at least some kinda vegetable on their dinner plates every night.

By the by, if you don’t happen to have a delicious seitan roast just sitting around in your fridge waiting to be used in these subs, try using giant portabello (portobella? portobello? I have never been sure of the correct spelling) mushrooms, sliced real thin and marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper for half an hour or so. Not exactly the same but they will still have you vacationing in Tasty Town.